The Oak Grove Farm family

Oak Grove Farm was founded in 1976 by Grayson and Shirly Harris. Even before he could walk, Grayson Harris’ father had him on horseback—and thus began a love for horses that would continue for his lifetime. Grayson gave lessons while still a high schooler, and later traveled the country with his daughters showing competitively for many years. The Oak Grove Farm has stayed in the Harris family, now owned by Grayson’s daughters, who share the same love and respect for horses that their father held. 

Oak Grove is a home for horse owners who value the care and amenities their horses enjoy. Our guests are family, and include names recognized in the equine world; the 1987 World Champion, RD Speedstick, lived out 30 of his last 32 years at Oak Grove Farm. The Harris family is one of lifelong horsemen, residing on the farm and taking pride in providing 24-hour care. 

Oak Grove is experienced and can be counted upon to provide personal, loving care for each of its equine guests.

Our Horses

“Six years ago, I realized I needed to move my 20-year-old horse. A friend told me, ‘If you want the very best care for your horse there is only one choice: Oak Grove.’ The facilities are top-notch with large, green pastures, automatic waterers, an incredible barn with an indoor ring (with professional footing), and an all-weather outdoor. The pastures, barn, and rings are beautiful and wonderfully maintained, but the best part of “living” at OGF is the care that horses (and their owners) enjoy from the staff. In the 50+ years I have owned horses, this is the only facility where I can honestly say I leave my horses in the care of OGF with no concern that any detail will ever be neglected.”

“I was looking for a low-key but very well-managed facility. I travel for work and pleasure quite often, and needed to know that if something happened while I was gone, I would receive a phone call immediately and that the right steps would be taken to address the situation. Of course, it almost goes without saying that the facilities themselves are absolutely beautiful, well-maintained, and immaculate. Amanda and her team work tirelessly to make sure the horses and boarders are happy and actually listen to the boarders’ needs and requests. I am so glad I made the decision to bring my horse here. A fat and happy pony makes a happy owner!”

“Oak Grove Farm is a great facility for young and old—both horse and person. They pay wonderful attention to the health and well-being of your horse. We’re so happy to be here.”

Boarding at Oak Grove Farm

Oak Grove Farm is nestled in the quiet, scenic countryside of Lewisville, North Carolina. Spanning more than 56 acres, the breathtaking landscape provides a peaceful environment for you and your horse. We take pride in our facilities, services, and care for both you and your equine in a safe and familiar environment. You’ll love becoming part of our growing and lifelong equestrian family.

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